Everyday in UK they are playing Abba’s songs on radio. England loves Abba.I remember 31 years ago when I just had started to follow Jesus and I was leading the worship in an evangelistic campaign we had with YWAM on the west coast of Sweden. It was my first meeting leading playing guitar and singing together with some other young people. We where standing on a pier surrounded with luxury yachts. From one of the yachts suddenly Anni Frid and Agneta from Abba walked out and started to talk to us telling us that they enjoyed our music…we testified for them about Jesus.and sang some more songs.
This was the first time I played guitar in our worship group….Music meant alot to me when I was younger and one dream I had was to play full time in a band.Abba was not among my favourites though..today I am happy that Jesus led me in a different direction.Today weather here in Fleet have been fantastic.I enjoy the sun and it seems like summer is here to stay..at least until tomorrow. Happy Easter all of you!

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