I have just arrived back from Geneva where me and my son in law Fredrik spent the last 4 days. I was invited to teach in a Church: Paroisse de-la Rive Droite,it is one of the largest Charismatic/Evangelical churches in this region. It worked out to be a Faith Conference with many visitors also from other churches and even non believers. It was really good days and especially on Saturday night meeting God was also speaking prophetically over Geneva and the Church. People also got saved and healed in the evenings and we rejoiced to hear some really powerful healing testimonies. Personally I love to preach and teach Faith in cities like Geneva. Church is located down town and many of its members are having much influence in the City. The founders of both the Red Cross and the Blue Cross where once members in the Church.
On the Saturday I also had time to marry a couple in France. Friends of mine that really are a great testimony of Gods grace.
Today I am in Fleet enjoying family..incl. grandchildren.

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