Elim Church

I have just arrived back from Germany. We have had some busy good days. On Friday I ministered in a church in Bega..a small town not far away from Hanover. This church have many young people and are very open for the things of God. On Saturday we had a day conference in Hanover. I am preaching in Hanover regularly(4-5 times/year)and we see how something new is beginning to grow there. My friends in Rinteln have regular weekly meetings there since last year. I enjoy ministering there…it is an “impossible” place. On pastors couple came all the way from Berlin to participate. They invite me now to minister in a larger conference in Berlin in October. I like that!
Yesterday(Sunday) I ministered in Hamburg(Elim Church). This is a Pentecostal Church with 1100 members. I preached in 3 services.  People where very open and hungry.Last night we saw a bit of a breakthrough.Many got saved and many people received healing in their bodies. Hamburg have a special place in my heart. I have many friends their and over the years we have seen many saved and restored in Hamburg.On Wednesday I am leaving for Porrentruy where I will minister until Sunday.


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