Its Sunday morning and I have succeeded to remember summertime change…Staying in a hotel just beside Manchester United s home stadium “Old Trafford”. I am here for 5 days, ministering in a conference at World Harvest Bible Church. Its a great church with hungry and open people.God have been doing wonderful things here so far.Last night Gods healing power was so present and many people where touched and healed.. I will have another 2 meetings today and Monday,Tuesday I will be teaching in “Rhema Bible College” which is linked together with the Church here. I appreciate Rhema and the ministry of Kenneth Hagin alot and have been very blessed by his books and tapes over the years.
I am following the development in Libya and Middle East with great interest. It seems like Syria is next to come. Saudi Arabia had a few demonstrations but they where told by the government that activities like that are prohibited according Sharia laws….the
same reason why Iran finds it ok to quench any demonstration…so Sharia laws must be the ultimate solution…for the dictators to have freedom to rule. Its a mess right now and we pray that salvation in Jesus Christ will come to this region.
The picture on this blog is from Tate’s in London.I thought the statue really expressed the true nature of Josef…Stalin was one of the worst dictators ever and I guess he is a role model for guys like Gaddafi and Assad.. .
Jesus is my role model and I hope Middle East will find their way back to Him.

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