Had a talk some days ago with a pastor born and raised in former USSR.His was one among 19 children in a pentecostal family. The pastor in that church preached regularly that the woman only get saved through giving birth to children…so from the day they get married children are produced. Everyone in the movement believed this and therefore many kids where born…and those poor married couples that could not conceive…they where considered as living in sin. We laugh about this today but for them it was deadly serious. The challenge for us believers and especially for us that have the ministry to teach others is to stay focused on the important main things and to avoid ending up in some odd teaching with no backup in the scriptures.Our focus need to be on the Father,Son and The Holy Spirit and what the Scripture teaches. There is a lot of nonsense going on in churches today as well..taught by pastors that never learned the Scripture themselves and that believe they have the authority to say what is right because they have 100 people following them…or attend there meetings….followers does not qualify you to be a leader. God qualifies and anoints you to be a leader,minister or pastor.

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