I guess you have been watching/following the events taking place in Middle East.We are really living in times of changes. The question that many of us is asking is: what will come after…? When the radical change came in the Communist block beginning end of 1989 people where motivated and hungry for the democracy and lifestyle that West represented…(today many have experienced the backside of it already though)…and it was easy for people to choose way. In Middle east, especially Egypt, US and the West have already been playing an important political and financial role…and this is what people today is trying to get rid of and instead replace it with something different…like what?
The strong,maybe the only organized alternative in Egypt is the Muslim Brotherhood.
Read this article from Simon Wiesenthal Center:/www.wiesenthal.com/atf/cf/{54d385e6-f1b9-4e9f-8e94-890c3e6dd277}/HITLER-PUT-THEM-IN-THEIR-PLACE_BRACKMAN_FINAL.PDF

It is so easy to be misled by what media is reporting and as believers in Jesus we need to be awake and to pray for Gods will to take place in the Middle East..

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