I have been studying discipleship lately.Over the years I have come across various kinds of “discipleship-movements”. Much teaching have been focusing on the importance of making your own disciples and that this is the only way to win this World.Together with that teaching different types of structures are being presented.
Where in the Bible does it say that we ought to make our own disciples? Nowhere, really.In the Book of Acts we see great church growth and many Churches being planted allover…but there is no mention of “discipleship”. Jesus had 12 disciples yes…they followed Him, Jesus the son of God. You never see any of the 12 disciples having his own group of disciples…
Unfortunately teaching like I mention above very often result in control and spiritual abuse. We are called to lead other people to Jesus and to do what we can to help them become disciples to Jesus…no man can or should have the right to take His place. God is God and man is man.

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