Just arrived back to UK after some intensive days in Sweden. I was in Jönköping and Småland a couple of days and arranged with new tenants and from there up to Stockholm where we helped our son Joel with his new apartment in the center of Stockholm. We are very happy together with him for that new place. You that know Stockholm a bit also know that it takes a bit of a miracle to find something so central(Kungsholmen) to a decent price. But God is good!!The apartment is beautiful located in an old building from 1915…I am almost jealous….. From there I went up to Uppsala where I ministered 4 meetings(sessions).It was a really good time and I also enjoyed meeting up with some old friends. Highlight of the week was of course to spend some time with my grand children!!We stayed a few days with Fredrik,Rebecka,Noah and Celine. Lovely time!!
I am now preparing for a Leadersconference in Heidelberg with start this Friday. It will be intensive but important days. I will also preach in Frankfurt on Sunday afternoon.

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