We have had a good weekend in Elim Church Hatfield.
Full schedule with meetings from Friday to Sunday night.I enjoyed spending time with pastors and leaders and it was great to see the hand of God over every meeting. I am excited to know that there are genuine,Jesus centered and open churches in England.
I believe that this Church will see growth and breakthrough in 2011.
Today I am preparing to go together with Vivianne to Sweden for a week. We will have a very busy schedule there but I hope to have some time over to meet our grandchildren again…and of course our children as well. I will minister this time in Uppsala. Friends of mine have arranged an open seminar and I am really looking forward to that.
The events taking place in Tunisia is serious and interesting. I am praying that violence and anarchy will end and that some kind of secular democracy will be established. There is a potential risk that radical Islamic political fractions will use the situation and take over. That would be even worse than what they had before. BBC journalists compared the situation with the situation 1989…when Communism came down. I do not share that view. We need to pray.

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