Happy New year!!! 2011 has arrived. I believe that it will be another good year. The work that God have started in and through your and mine life He will bring it to completion!! Phil 1:6
I guess some of you are like me; eager to start up things and after a while you find yourself with to much around you. God is not like that. He does not only have two hands but He is the allmighty. I am looking forward to see some of the projects that He have started in and through me continue this year…I doubt that they will be complete though…will propably take some more years.
We have had a good time this christmas/new year. I enjoy spending time with family and that I dont have to travel. This morning we where invited to a “neighbour gathering” in one neighbours
house. It was great to meet up and chat with ordinary people and after that I went to the gym and chatted with a pilote in the sauna after the workout.I enjoy speaking with new people and if possible share the Kingdom secrets with them.
I bless you with a great 2011 my dear friends!!!



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