Just arrived back to UK

Just arrived back to UK after some intensive days in Sweden. I was in Jönköping and Småland a couple of days and arranged with new tenants and from there up to Stockholm where we helped our son Joel with his new apartment in the center of Stockholm. We are very happy together with him for […]

Today we have +10c here in UK

Today we have +10c here in UK. Been out working in the garden..much needed. Joel and Caroline is here with us this weekend.Great to have them around.This coming week I minister in Hatfield just north of London. It is an Elim church that host me all weekend. We start Friday night and continues until Sunday […]

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New year!!! 2011 has arrived. I believe that it will be another good year. The work that God have started in and through your and mine life He will bring it to completion!! Phil 1:6 I guess some of you are like me; eager to start up things and after a while you find yourself […]