Pictured above is the 28 year old man from Tranås/Sweden that failed in his attempt in murdering hundreds of innocent Swedish people in the center of Stockholm last Saturday afternoon. Praise God that he failed!!
He died in his attempt and probably he never really found out that he failed. I am sure that he got very disappointed though finding out that there where no virgins waiting for him on the other side…
I hate terrorism especially when it is linked to religion. Islam is today a very dangerous religion.
I grow up in Tranås as a kid. It is a wonderful peaceful town close to a beautiful lake. The 28 year old came there with his family as refugees from Irak..18 yrs ago. The Swedish state have helped and supported this family ..a lot. They have even sometimes received more support than ordinary Swedish families. Because of this some people react and there is a growing support for nationalistic parties in Sweden . Those parties do not represent any greater problem still but when events like this happens …naturally they receive more support.
I am against any nationalistic populist ideology. They just feed upon mans frustration and anger.
But I believe that when anyone arrives in Sweden as a refugee or and immigrant they must agree to the Swedish customs and values. Radical Islam is not a part of our history and not a part of the Swedish value system. If immigrants do not accept this ..good bye.
I pray that the Swedish authorities will wake up to the fact that actually Sweden as well as any other EU state has a growing rate of people ready to commit suicide for the sake of killing innocent people…and they are fed and inspired to this through Islamic networks that have representation in most of the mosques and “culture-centers” allover Europe.
The people involved in this are not just a handful of brain dead idiots .(even if they seem to be..)..it is a network of well educated people supported by influential Islamic leaders World wide.
Unfortunately more attention is given to a confused American pentecostal pastor that threaten to burn the Quran than to the real problem, the thousands of Muslims that inspired by the Quran are ready murder thousands of innocent people in the name of Allah.
Well…I am upset about what is going on in Europe today. Europe belongs to Jesus!!
I had a great time in Riga. I love the people there and I have missed this part of the World for some time.
Today I am cleaning our windows here in Fleet.
This coming weekend I will be in Germany and than Christmas is here.
God bless

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