Dear friends, Someone asked me the other day: How has your year been? I replied very quick…oh it has been really good. I have been answering the same way every year as long as I remember. Every year is a good year!! When we follow Jesus and do what we can to do what He wants us to do. Of course every year also has its challenges and so has 2010. As a ministry we have touched 18 nations this year. We have been doing 45 ministry/mission trips. We have preached and taught the word of God to tens of thousands of people. Many hundreds have received Jesus for the first time in their lives and we have had wonderful reports of healings and miracles that have happened. We give Jesus all glory for this!! We also want to thank you that have supported us in prayer and for those that have blessed us financially. We pray that God will bless you and your family! I arrived back home to UK yesterday after a pretty dramatic time with canceled flights and trains. Europe is really in a mess right now. Airports,Trains,Banks….and in the middle of it all a constant threat of terror attacks. We are so blessed to have a living faith in a living God that never change and that always is only on prayer away. Today and tomorrow and on Thursday we are expecting Magdalena, Deborah and Joel to come home for Christmas. Flights have already been canceled and it is a bit of a fight to get them over here. All of them will be here I believe. God bless all of you and have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Bengt&Vivianne Wedemalm

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