Freedom. The Bible says: The one that the Son´s sets free He is free indeed! What a great promise. The Holy Spirit is working in this direction all the time. He wants you to enjoy freedom;Spirit ,Soul and Body. Harmony. This morning early when I did my workout it struck me that when my soul is in a state of worry my body will not have the same strength and my spiritual life will be in a position of fight and struggle…I had to calm down..fix my attention on Jesus and everything He have done for us..thank Hiom for it…and get my soul in line with that…and my body react with a new energy and power. Praise God for His Word and His spirit and energy!!
I am learning to give my worries and struggles over to Him,Jesus!! He has promised to take them and instead give me a yoke that is meek..easy to carry…handmade for me.
Now I am geared up…full of energy and ready to change this World!!
Preparing for now for “Strong tower Conference” in Scarborough this weekend. We start Friday and finish Sunday. If you are free…why not come and receive something life changing this weekend. Just in time for Christmas!! Check details on Kingdom Faith web.

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