It is Sunday afternoon. Today we had a powerful meeting in Duisburg. It was great to impart faith and hope in to the believers in this region. Ruhr is a bit of a challenge. More than 9 million people lives here and very few living christians. More than 500 000 are active muslims and they arre increasing a lot. They are about to build the largest mosque in Europe ot fara away from here. German state is sponsoring this mega project….at the same time the christians finds it hard to get permit to do open evangelisation in the area….
I am challenged by those facts. The gospel is the power of God to salvation!! Jesus have all power!! He have commanded us to Go to this world and to possess the land. Europe is a large missionsfield. Earlier this week I ministered in Marseille. A large city again with very few believers…but up to 30 % muslims. As a ministry we are aiming Europe and the Middle East. I have a lot of invitations to Africa,Asia,South America ,US…but what I see the greatest needs are here in our continent and nearby MiddleEast/North Africa. Lets win the battle for Europe in His name. Lets see to that the destiny of Europe will not be a Europe dominated by Imams and Sharia law. Lets believe and work for a Europe that again will turn to God and His word.
Soon I will go back to London….End of this week we will have a conference up in Yorkshire. If you are around …you are welcome to participate!!!

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