It is Friday night and I finally found some space to “blog”.
It has been an intensive week indeed. Sunday I went to Marseille and ministered there until Wednesday afternoon. It was a really good time actually. Student where very hungry and motivated to listen and receive. most of them carry a vision to minister in to North Africa.
Praise God for people like that! I also ministered one evening in a kind of “ecumenical” meeting with participants from various churches in Marseille. We had a wonderful time. People met God in a beautiful way. This opened door for us to do a larger event next fall in Marseilles. I met up with a great man of God that pioneers a ministry “Betel” in France and that start new churches. Betel saves and restores drug addicts. They are doing a fantastic job in the power of The Holy Spirit. I really liked this brother, humble and very Christlike. During the days in Marseilles I was also introduced to a pastor from Libya. A true hero. Risking his life to minister in that nation.
I have a dream since many years and that is to minister in Tripoli…2011 that dream will come through God willing …and I know He is!!
Tomorrow 05:00 am I leave for the “Ruhrgebiet”…one of the unreached areas in Western Europe. I will preach tomorrow in a evangelistic event and on sunday i will minister in Church.

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