It is Friday and I am in my office in Fleet,UK. Went up early and cleaned up the garden, it was very much needed. Weather here is actually pretty good and winther seems to be far away..praise God!! I am preparing for my visit to Marseille this coming Sunday-Wednesday. I will teach missiology to students that are on there way to North Africa. Colin Dye and KT in London are running a training school in Marseille and they have asked me to help. I am looking forward to do so. Today I also trying to update my blog with new itinerary for 2011 and I am also asked to make a “Ministry presentation”, a folder that will explain in a few words what we are doing. I realized that we are doing a lot of things. Only in 2010 we have been doing 45 ministry trips touching 10.000:s of people allover Europe, the Balkans and the Middle east.
I still have a places more to visit before the end of the year.
I also realize that I am not very good in communicating what we see God do through our ministry. I should shape up..but on the other hand I rather do more and talk less than talk more and do less….
I heard today that a Swedish family have moved in not far away from us here in Fleet. I must find where they are and have a chat with them soon.

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