>It is Wednesday evening and I have spent a day together with Vivianne after some hectic days in France. It was a good and important conference. Many peoples lives where touched and Jesus was greatly exalted. I met some very good people that I will keep contact with for sure. France is a nation full of religion,atheism and rebellion….but also a nation full of wonderful people with a great and rich culture. I love France!!The french language is beautiful and to worship Jesus is in french feels so right. The food is better than the English as well…..
Tomorrow…03:00 I leave to go to Italy. I have to drive a few hours and than I fly down to Bologna. I will now try to sleep a few hours.

One thought on “France

  1. >Hello Bengt,
    This is Sebastien from France.
    That was great to have you here this past weekend.
    You've been a great example to me and I've been blessed a lot by you.
    Hoping to welcome you in my church in Grenoble soon.
    Be blessed!

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