Freedom. The Bible says: The one that the Son´s sets free He is free indeed! What a great promise. The Holy Spirit is working in this direction all the time. He wants you to enjoy freedom;Spirit ,Soul and Body. Harmony. This morning early when I did my workout it struck me that when my soul […]


It is Sunday afternoon. Today we had a powerful meeting in Duisburg. It was great to impart faith and hope in to the believers in this region. Ruhr is a bit of a challenge. More than 9 million people lives here and very few living christians. More than 500 000 are active muslims and they […]


It is Friday night and I finally found some space to “blog”. It has been an intensive week indeed. Sunday I went to Marseille and ministered there until Wednesday afternoon. It was a really good time actually. Student where very hungry and motivated to listen and receive. most of them carry a vision to minister […]

Back in the UK

>It is Friday and I am in my office in Fleet,UK. Went up early and cleaned up the garden, it was very much needed. Weather here is actually pretty good and winther seems to be far away..praise God!! I am preparing for my visit to Marseille this coming Sunday-Wednesday. I will teach missiology to students […]

Snow and Sweden

>It is Tuesday night. Outside it is a lot of snow. I have spent one day in Sweden and tomorrow Vivianne will leave for London.I have had some really good days in Italy , in Bologna and Modena.God’s spirit moved in a very powerful way in the larger evening meetings and in the day sessions […]


>It is Wednesday evening and I have spent a day together with Vivianne after some hectic days in France. It was a good and important conference. Many peoples lives where touched and Jesus was greatly exalted. I met some very good people that I will keep contact with for sure. France is a nation full […]