This weekend I am ministering in Gothenburg ,located at the west coast of Sweden. It is the second largest city in Sweden. I really like Gothenburg. 30 years ago, I preached in this city, my first sermon ever. I still remember the message…and the feeling. Today things are a bit different…thanks to God. I have 30 years of experience..walking with God. Nowadays I always ,only talk about things that I know from experience works in the real life. I listened to radio this morning,an interview with a young man raised up by his parents as a Jehovas Witness…today he had broken free and tried to escape the “persecution” from family and sect members. I was really touched by this. Man are created to live in freedom. We are not called to be “religious” or under the “control” of someone or something that want to use and abuse us for their own interest. Jesus came as a liberator, saviour,life-giver….
Whenever someone..whoever,whatever says..only we have the full truth…we are right everybody else is wrong…we are the only choosen…the exclusive ones…go away from them. Jesus said: I am the way, the truth and the life…only He have the right and the power to make such a statement. To hell with all sects!!!
Ok…I will calm down…
Today it is raing…and it is around zero….freaking cold.
Last night me and Vivianne was watching “A beautiful Mind”…it is one of my favourite movies. An amazing true story….

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