This is my grand daughter Celine!! What a beauty!!
I am on my way back to Sweden after a week on the road in Germany/UK.
It has been a busy time indeed but very good and fruitful. Ministered in a “new Church” nearby Stuttgart Friday evening. It was a long meeting…People there where so hungry for the Word.
I could have continued all night until early morning…
We will do something more there later on. Saturday I had a wedding(Lukas and Abigail) which was really good. Majority of people where “non church” and it was great to speak to them in church and for many hours after the ceremony. People are so hungry and open once we move outside the church environment.
I made new friends that I will stay in contact with.
Sunday morning I ministered in Heidelberg/JWCO. This is a Word of Faith Church connected with Creflo Dollar. I minister here every year. It was a powerful meeting. Pastor said that it was a milestone for the church. Glory to God. I preach faith more than ever in Europe. It is so important to strengthen and equipp the believers to do the work of the Kingdom. Many churches today are in despair. Their leaders/pastors are running around from conference to conference to “catch” the latest trends…while their church members are getting tired and frustrated about the lack of vision and true leadership. Faith is now,here in us and works through us in love. We already have recieved what we need. Start using what you have and stop running after what you dont have…
Monday was a trustee meeting at KF. It is always good to meet the brethren there. I really like their life and committment to God and His Kingdom. Yesterday I met up with my friend Mark. We meet regularly and talk about life and God. Our lunches have tendency to be very long…very inspiring though. This week we will celebrate my father in law. He will be 80!! Still going strong. In the weekend I will minister in Savsjo. My good friend Peo Svensson is a pastor there and we have been in contact for many years. It will be great to meet them again. Sunday 10:00…Power of God Church!!

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