“Dear friends,

Last Friday a dear friend and co-worker in Christ, pastor Dritan Prroj was murdered just in front of his church office in Shkodra, a city north of Albania. I knew Dritan since 1992, when we were in the same Bible school in Tirana.

Five years ago, Dritan’s uncle killed someone and according to blood feud, the other tribe has “the right” to kill any man from Dritan’s tribe. Pastor Dritan was innocent of his uncle crime.

Pastor Dritan didn’t stay inside and hide in his house. But he continued to preach the Good News of Love and Forgiveness till the last minute of his earthly life. This man of God challenged the spirit of anger and death that exists particularly in that region of Albania , by humbly and boldly serving to that community the Message of Love and Forgiveness.

Pastor Dritan Prroj knew his calling and he chose not to run for his life but stay where the Lord had called him, at any cost. He knew very well the prize he would pay if he obeyed. He had counted the cost and He did what we should all do. He honored God with his life and death. He is an Albanian martyr that gave his life for preaching the gospel. He is now in Glory with all other saints worshiping face to face Jesus Christ.

The catholic church (majority population in that region is catholic) opened its doors to the evangelical community to conduct the funeral service in Catholic Church, because they also knew pastor Dritan Prroj and his ministry in Shkodra. And highly respect him and what he has done for Shkodra and the region around.

The life and ministry of pastor Dritan speaks to us “I was ready to risk my life till death to share the Good News with my fellow Albanian men, are you ready to stand and live up this life for Jesus to fulfill His calling on you?”

On pastor Prroj funeral dinner, I was sitting in front of young handsome guy, whom I didn’t know. Some one asked him who he was. The 18 years old guy reply just caused my eyes to be filled with tears….. tears of joy. He said: “I am Dritan’s disciple”.

As Tertulian wrote: “The blood of martyrs is the seed of the church”. I believe that God will bring out more fruits, disciples and revival in Shkodra and Albania . I just pray that God will raise up many more men and women in Albania , who count their lives as nothing for God and His cause!

Please, pray for pastor Dritan’s wife, Elona and his children Gabriel, 9 years old, and Sarah, 7 years old.”

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