>Its raining in Sweden..just came back from a long run here…nice but oh so cold….I am now getting ready to leave for Germany. I am preaching tomorrow night in a church in the Stuttgart region…and on Saturday I have a wedding in the same area and Sunday I preach at JWOC Heidelberg. It will be a busy weekend for sure. From there I will go to London and I will attend Trustee meeting at Kingdom Faith on Monday. Tuesday I will spend in Fleet and meet up with my friend Mark.
I read today that a bunch of Islamic warriors are on their way through Turkey in to Europe. They are suspected to have planned attacks on some strategic places where they can kill as many as possible I guess. I pray that they will fail in everything they do. Their religion sucks and should be forbidden in Europe.
Am I against Islam? Yes their kind of Islam for sure..Killing innocent people in the name of their god is satanic and not godly.
I believe in a God that is good and that causes people to do good things towards each other.
Otherwise life is good with us. Family is growing and our clan is getting more and more influential….God through us. That is what life here on earth is all about I assume.
I have a cry in my spirit: Give me the nations Lord!! I get stirred up when I hear about the Islamic warriors….We as Gods soldiers are called to go from Europe through Turkey and in to the Islamic strongholds. We are called to proclaim and declare the wonderful news about Jesus and His salvation!!

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