>I am very happy right now…Vivianne just told me that we have become grand parents to a grand daughter 2 hrs ago!!!! Rebecka gave birth to a miracle. Really, I wish I was not here in Germany now…but in Stockholm…but that is life. I arrived here in Ludwigsburg noon today.
It is a city in the south west of Germany. I have been involved helping this church many years by now(10 years) and it is always great to come here. I have my own small flat here and pastor and wife are really friendly. I will preach tonight and all day tomorrow and Sunday. I will also minister to leaders here. A weekend like this always means a lot of work…some people think that it is an easy task…just preach and than leave…not for me….I work together with churches and help and support in every way I can. I always give 100% in faith that God will have His way.
This is how I understand ministry and the function of the ministry gifts.
Sunday I will go to London and partake in one leaders conference and another leadersevent.It will be busy days until Thursday….when I will go to Stockholm and meet my grand daughter!!!

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