>It has been a very busy week. Started off last Thursday for my journey to Albania. It is 20 yrs since I came there the first time. At that time ..no churches and no open christian believers. Much have happened since that time. God used me and others to bring the gospel to Albania and today there are churches allover the nation. Me and my friend Dan Lindau and Gentian a dear friend and pastor from Tirana went this time together. We started in Korca where we had leaders meeting and a day conference.The day conference will be broadcasted on TV. It was good time and The Holy Spirit spoke strong and clear.The Churches in Albania are very young and they are in desperate need of solid biblical based anointed teaching. We did not sleep many hours during our stay there…hotel’s are still special with bed bugs and other visitors…..From Korca we went to Tirana. We had a strategic very important meeting on the Sunday together with our good friend Akil and their church. Their church is one of the most influential ones in Albania. Akil is speaking regularly on national TV and are running a great work touching many people. He is one of our closest friends in Albania. On Monday we gathered leaders together and than Tuesday 05:00 we left Albania.
I am convinced that God is about to take the work in Albania to a new level. God spoke to us about Nehemiah and how he mobilised his people to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem. Today God is connecting leaders,churches and ministries to come together and to think beyoond their own agenda and to build up “the wall” in Albania. A place of authority,influence and protection.
Exciting future!!
Now I am ready to leave for Ludwigsburg!!

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