>Siiting on a train from south of Sweden up to our summerhouse in Bjorkoby. I have had a fantastic time in Bulgaria. The conference in Plovdiv was great and so many people participated.
I met people that got saved healed and restored through our ministry over the years and they expressed so much love and appreciation….it is great to meet old friends and to hear what God have been doing over the years and what He still is doing. The best is yet to come in Bulgaria!!
I am planning to do a “tour” in Bulgaria next year where we will revisit many places and friends that we have been in contact with over the years. On this train just ahead of me is the entire “Left block ” with all the leaders in Sweden. Sunday is a big day for Sweden. We do not want the socialist block to win!!! Pictured is Lars Ohly…a communistleader now named the leftist..he is just beside me now…I guess he loves the picture….I am praying right now for a defeat and that the right block will win ans continue to reign in Sweden.
I will be home(with Vivianne) a few days now and on Thursday I will leave for Tirana.

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