Now I am on my way to Plovdiv, second city in Bulgaria. I am invited to speak at the 20th anniversary of the church Immanuel. It will be an national event with believers from allover Bulgaria. I have so many friends there. I was involved in the church from the beginning…and so I was with many churches in Bulgaria. First time I visited Bulgaria was 1982 and I have been back many times since. There was a time in the beginning of the nineties when I even had the private phone nr to the primeminister and the president of Bulgaria ….and I had use of them . It was very interesting days indeed. I was also blacklisted for sometime and could not enter Bulgaria for 3 years. Things changed rapidly in the beginning of the 90:s.
I am excited to visit Bulgaria again and I have things in my heart to share that I believe will add strength and direction to the body of Christ.

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