>This week for me is much about leadership. Monday; leadership conference at Kingdom Faith. Good time and met up with Colin and Clive Urquart. Steve Penny a minister from Australia was also there . He shared some powerful thoughts on leadership with us. Today I am with KC21 leaders in a summit just north of […]

>I am very happy right now…Vivianne just told me that we have become grand parents to a grand daughter 2 hrs ago!!!! Rebecka gave birth to a miracle. Really, I wish I was not here in Germany now…but in Stockholm…but that is life. I arrived here in Ludwigsburg noon today.It is a city in the […]

>It has been a very busy week. Started off last Thursday for my journey to Albania. It is 20 yrs since I came there the first time. At that time ..no churches and no open christian believers. Much have happened since that time. God used me and others to bring the gospel to Albania and […]

>Siiting on a train from south of Sweden up to our summerhouse in Bjorkoby. I have had a fantastic time in Bulgaria. The conference in Plovdiv was great and so many people participated.I met people that got saved healed and restored through our ministry over the years and they expressed so much love and appreciation….it […]

>Now I am on my way to Plovdiv, second city in Bulgaria. I am invited to speak at the 20th anniversary of the church Immanuel. It will be an national event with believers from allover Bulgaria. I have so many friends there. I was involved in the church from the beginning…and so I was with […]