>Today I have been pruning our Oak. It is 140 years old..at least and grow just between our house and our garage. I thought the branch that I was going after was a pretty small one….how wrong I was. It was huge and once it fell to the ground it filled half of our garden.Much work followed to transport it to the city dump….but now our oak looks better and we will have some more sunshine in our garden. Yesterday we where invited to our good friends Michael and Helga. They live not far away from Guildford in a beautiful village. It is always great to spend some time with this lovely couple. They have been married 50 yrs!! It was also great to meet their daughter Nicky.
I am now preparing for my tour in Germany. I will minister in Bielefeld,Hanover,Bega(?) and Rinteln. I have a passion to see Gods power and love touch Germany. More than 80 million people are living there.
Weather is dreadful here now…rain and windy +12…..
But…I am still happy and thankful and saved.

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