>I have been studying 1 Peter lately and I really enjoy that letter. It has so much powerful teaching in every word. Today I read Chapter 1:17: And if you call on Him as Father who judges impartially according to each one´s deeds,conduct yourselves with fear throughout the time of your exile.
It is a great privilege to be able to call God our Father!! It is great to know that He is watching over us!….and He will judge us according to our deeds..
Sometimes we can be tempted to think that God would not bother about what we do and how we live.He does. Peter tells us to conduct ourselves with fear during our time here on earth. He is talking about the fear of God our Father. To live with that fear means that we live as Christians all the time. We are constantly aware of His presence in us. The “Grace” is not something that hides our shortcomings and sins away from the Father, it is a force working in us to enable us to live a life pleasing to the Father. Some are teaching the opposite nowadays. I guess they try to paint a “better picture” of the Father, to make Him more human like us. He will never be like us! His grace will continuously work in us and through us. We will constantly be challenged and transformed by Him. He will never give up on our lives as long as we allow Him to be our Father.
That was a good sermon…
Today we had a plumber in our house. He is a good man. We have had him here before. He does a good job for a good price. He is one of those old timers that you can trust and rely on.I really like our plumber. I hope that I will have the same testimony wherever I go. Christians should be like that in all our affairs of life.
Today I am working in my office here in Fleet.I have a lot of things to write and to prepare. Next week I will start my travel again and then I will be very busy more or less until Christmas. In between I will become a grandfather for the second time. I am seriously getting older.

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