I thought that this picture was a bit funny…I am preaching at Faith Camp.
Today I was up early and ran in around the pond close to our house. I have had a bit of cold last days so I have to be careful….still running and working though. After that I finalized things on my garage-roof…it has been leaking again. But now..no more leaks. Rest of the day I will be in my office..a lot of work here. I had a call from Italy yesterday. It was very encouraging. Last Thursday I prayed for a woman from Italy that had cancer. She is a doctor and was very much aware of the serious hopeless condition. I had a word that the cancer once I cursed it will die from its root and diminish..I cursed it from all of my heart.She made an xray yesterday and it has been shrinking from 8cm to 3cm in a week and there is no longer any life in it!!! Praise Jesus!!
Jesus have given us authority in the His name!! We are called to rule and reign in life!
I need to remind myself about this regularly and I guess you need to do that as well.
Tonight Joel and Caroline is arriving to us here in Fleet. This weekend we will have a full house here. It is great to be together with the family.
Now it is raining again here in Fleet….soon I will go out and check my waterproof garage roof!!!
Remember: God is on your side…He believes in you that you will make it and succeed in everything you do. Thank you for being a friend and supporter!!

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