>The main news last days is about the 10 christian humanitarian charity workers that was executed last week by the Taliban’s. Their crime was that they gave their time and effort to help and bless the Afghan people. One of the victims was a British doctor.Those guys are modern days heroes. Lets pray for their families and at the same time let us fight against the demonic spirit of Islam. Over and over again atrocities like this is being committed in the name of Allah and Mohamed. Afganistan and the rest of the Islamic regions of the World deserve something better. They have the right to at least one time hear the good news about Jesus.The death of the 10 heroes last week shall not be in vain. Those nations will be shaken by the power of the Gospel and the love of Christ.
Today I have been doing officework…
Many of you have asked what happened with my newsletter…I am working on it!
Thank you also all of you that have sent me email the last months. It is very encouraging to hear from you. My email adress: wedemalm@btopenworld.com

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