>I came back last night from some intensive days in Germany. We had good meetings and saw God touch a lot of people. Friday night in Bielefeld I met a man from Vienna. He came to our meeting and enjoyed it very much. He told me some of his life story. When he was 14 […]

>Today I have been pruning our Oak. It is 140 years old..at least and grow just between our house and our garage. I thought the branch that I was going after was a pretty small one….how wrong I was. It was huge and once it fell to the ground it filled half of our garden.Much […]

>Morning visit of the plumber.

>I have been studying 1 Peter lately and I really enjoy that letter. It has so much powerful teaching in every word. Today I read Chapter 1:17: And if you call on Him as Father who judges impartially according to each one´s deeds,conduct yourselves with fear throughout the time of your exile.It is a great […]

>I thought that this picture was a bit funny…I am preaching at Faith Camp.Today I was up early and ran in around the pond close to our house. I have had a bit of cold last days so I have to be careful….still running and working though. After that I finalized things on my garage-roof…it […]

>The main news last days is about the 10 christian humanitarian charity workers that was executed last week by the Taliban’s. Their crime was that they gave their time and effort to help and bless the Afghan people. One of the victims was a British doctor.Those guys are modern days heroes. Lets pray for their […]

>We arrived early this morning back from Peterborough. We have been participating in Faith 10. A conference arranged by Kingdom Faith(Colin Urquart). This is the 5th year that I am one of the speaker. We went there as a family together with Vivianne,Magdalena and Deborah. It was really a good time and all of us […]