It is raining!! After a few weeks of amazing weather here in Sweden finally rain has arrived. Much needed but not so much appreciated. We have had a great holiday. Working a lot on our summer house and spent evenings traveling around in the area exploring beautiful sites we never seen before. This part of Sweden(Smaland) has a great heritage. Revival was here 100 years ago and transformed the entire society. Today the 3rd,4th generation are still living in the blessings from what their grandfathers sacrificed for the Kingdom. Today I am preparing for Faith Camp. Next Saturday this great conference will begin in Peterborough/UK. I will be one of the ministers and will run the afternoon “Faith School” in the main hall plus other meetings during the week. We really appreciate and enjoy this week as a family. It is a time of refreshing and revival as well as giving. We are happy to have 2 of our daughters with us this year…Magdalena and Deborah. If you have a chance to participate…take it. Check Kingdom Faith website and download all necessary info. I hope to meet some of you there!!

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