This animal is called “Broms” in Swedish. They are bloodsuckers…like small demonic vampires. I hate them. When everything is nice…sun is shining…beautiful in our garden and I am patiently working on our summerhouse…those creatures arrives and attacks. Most of the time it is like this…even in the most peaceful, harmonic moments in our lives ..some trouble appear. Life will never be paradise here on earth. We have to live and overcome obstacles by faith everyday.
I have killed a lot of those today. I enjoy killing them actually…
Tonight Joel and his girlfriend will come to our summerhouse. It will be great to spend some time with them. Joel have just started to work in Stockholm and things seems to work out well for him there. Now all of our kids live in Stockholm….but we will stay where we are!!
Two weeks from now “Faith Camp” begins. It is a great conference in Peterborough/UK.
I will be one of the speakers there this year again. We love going there and it is always great to meet thousands of believers that are hungry for Jesus. Hope to see some of you there!!!

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