>I am back in UK. We arrived late last night. Everything went smooth and great..until I opened the front door to our house. It was a mess inside. I thought first that we had been visited by burglars but later I realized that a magpie had entered through our chimney…I found a dead magpie in […]

>It is raining!! After a few weeks of amazing weather here in Sweden finally rain has arrived. Much needed but not so much appreciated. We have had a great holiday. Working a lot on our summer house and spent evenings traveling around in the area exploring beautiful sites we never seen before. This part of […]

>This animal is called “Broms” in Swedish. They are bloodsuckers…like small demonic vampires. I hate them. When everything is nice…sun is shining…beautiful in our garden and I am patiently working on our summerhouse…those creatures arrives and attacks. Most of the time it is like this…even in the most peaceful, harmonic moments in our lives ..some […]

>Enjoying summer in Sweden this week. Everything is so calm and still here. Spending most of my time working on our summerhouse. Sun is shining and life is really great. Last Sunday we went to Granna…a beautiful town by the shore of Lake Vattern. We attended a concert where Uno Svenningsson was performing. He is […]