>I am back in the UK this week. It has been interesting and inspiring days. Our son Joel had his graduation in Oxford Tuesday afternoon. We where so proud and excited to see him finish his race in full victory with very good grades and a smile on his face. I remember when some teacher told us in his first years in school that Joel was hopeless in learning English…..he he…
Besides graduation-event I have been doing a lot office work this week..it is not my cup of tea..
we also spent some time cleaning up in our garden here.
Last weekend I was in Rodewisch in the south eastern part of Germany. Church there are friends of mine since many years now. It is a beautiful part of Europe but still you see the remains of the former DDR…not so beautiful but it gives me a nostalgic kick….
Next year in March we will have a larger evangelistic event in this region and the weekend was very much a preparation for this.
Today it is Midsummer in Sweden…one of the most important weekends when everyone is off work and everyone is dancing around the midsummer pole…great fun..and unfortunately much to many drink themselves totally stoned. As a Christian living in Sweden you do not drink yourself stoned of course..actually you usually do not drink alcohol at all. I think that is a good choice.
I am longing to have some weeks of vacation soon. This year have been a very busy one so far and I am very motivated to take some weeks off and spend time with family.

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