>It is hot here…It is 00:30 Saturday night and 30c outside…We have just finished 2nd meeting here in Modena. It has really been a great day. Many people have been saved and healed and tonight The Holy Spirit ministered to the church in a powerful way. I am here together with Deborah my youngest daughter and it is really great to be together. We started in Rome and from there we went to Sienna in Tuscany…beautiful city in a wonderful area. Yesterday we where in Bologna and tomorrow we will have more meetings here in Modena and on Monday we will go to Fano close to Rimini by the east coast. It is wonderful to meet churches here that are driven by a vision to win Italy for Jesus. Today I had lunch with a nun and a priest that are in the process of leaving the Catholic Church. They are spiritfilled and on fire for Jesus but are experiencing so much persecution from their Bishop. They told us the most amazing story about their lives.
It was a bit like meeting Martin Luther and his wife again……
I really liked those two..

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