1. It was an hectic morning. My taxi went to the wrong adress and I was just about to miss the train to Gatwick from North Camp……But now I am on my way by train from Copenhagen to Bjorkoby where Vivianne is waiting for me. Tonight I will work on our roof again…aim to be finished this week …before I leave for Italy. I have read a lot of comments regarding the event that took place outside Gaza…unbelievable how much ignorance that still exist when it comes to Israel and palestinian conflict. It sounds like Hamas are the real heroes…maybe we should give them the Nobel peace price…..I am sure that the left wing parties in Sweden would fully support that..Lets hope that massmedia have the guts to tell the truth about the event. Today pictures have been released revealing the weapon arsenal that the so called “peace activists” brought with them….

Well I support Israel…the only democracy in the Middle east and I pray that the government in Turkey will fall….Turkey used to be pro Israel and anti-radical Islamic movement…present day government seems to more and more go the other way and lead Turkey away from Ataturks vision for the nation.

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