>Joels graduation… in picture. Happy day. Greatest joy for parents is when your kids are doing well. Today we have been spending time with Rebecka and Noah. We went to the lake close by and even went for a swim. Life quality!!!Today I decided to be creative on my holiday. I will finally start to […]

>Tomorrow….England-Germany. The D-Day repeated again or not…..I am in a good situation..I am Swedish , living in England and spend time in Germany every month. I can celebrate whoever wins tomorrow….but my heart is more with England I must confess.We have fantastic weather here in Fleet today…+27C and sun is shining. Was out running this […]

>I am back in the UK this week. It has been interesting and inspiring days. Our son Joel had his graduation in Oxford Tuesday afternoon. We where so proud and excited to see him finish his race in full victory with very good grades and a smile on his face. I remember when some teacher […]

>I started early this morning with a run in the city of Frankfurt. It is a good way to learn to know a city a bit better. From there I took the train towards the east of Germany,Rodewisch in Vogtland. I had 2 meetings today and will minister here tomorrow morning as well. Next year […]

>One thing that the Italians are good at is to enjoy the good things in life.Italian coffee is the best in the world…I think. Compare an Italian cappuccino with an English cup of coffee…and you know what I mean. Today I spoke to all the leaders and upcoming leaders. We had a really good time. […]

>It is hot here…It is 00:30 Saturday night and 30c outside…We have just finished 2nd meeting here in Modena. It has really been a great day. Many people have been saved and healed and tonight The Holy Spirit ministered to the church in a powerful way. I am here together with Deborah my youngest daughter […]

> It was an hectic morning. My taxi went to the wrong adress and I was just about to miss the train to Gatwick from North Camp……But now I am on my way by train from Copenhagen to Bjorkoby where Vivianne is waiting for me. Tonight I will work on our roof again…aim to be […]