I am in Fleet today and will leave early tomorrow morning. We have had a great weekend up in the north together with churches from Sheffield area. Really good time. I was just watching the news and heard BBC journalists reporting about the event that took place outside Gaza where Israeli soldiers boarded “peace ships” on its way in to Gaza with aid. The whole World condemnes Israel and calls them war criminals and I dont know what. Now what happened?
The fleet of ships that refused to obeye the orders from the Israeli authorities where hindered and soldiers with no heavy weapon boarded the ships. On one of the ships they where attacked with weapons and had to defend themself. It all ended up in a tragedy and Israel where the first ones to report what was happening. The Gaza situation is a disaster and Hamas and the Palestinian authorities and other islamic radical organisation are to be blamed for that. They are simply using their own people to create sympathy and support for their own radical and medieval demonic ideas. The so called “peace activists” are people that have been tricked in to support something that in reality is nothing more than an orgie of violence,fanatism,death and terror. How stupid can people be? MP’s from UK was there,swedish leftwing politicians and others was there as well. How can Hamas that are defined by most normal states as an terrororganisation recieve support by people like that?
Well the same story repeats itself. To condemn Israel and to hate and despise the jewish people is easier than to speak the truth about what is really the problem.
But…He that blesses Israel will be blessed!!!

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