I am a preacher…have been that for many years by now. I have been ministering in 60+ nations so far…that is a lot. I love to preach the Word of God and I love to serve Jesus and I love to minister to people. Over the years we have seen multitudes come to know Jesus and so many healings and miracles. Every week the same..Jesus gets glorified. I do not like religion,church politic and a lot of other stuff that tries to find its way in to church and our lives. I have said many times…without Jesus I would never be a christian….and I mean it big time.
I do not like when ministers behave like “superstars”, “untouchables”…..a wise minister friend of mine in UK told me that there will be an end to the Celebrity-ministers era….I guess God is tired of it..we need to be real..not have double standards. We need to take care of our families and show this World that it possible to have healthy relationships even if you are involved in winning the World.
I love to be home with my wife between all the travel and ministry. I love to be down to earth…to work with practical stuff..
My family is the most important for me…not ministry,church,….
I am not yet a good enough husband,father,grandfather…but I am working on to get better.
If I succeed with that ..than I have something to give to this World.
Tomorrow I will continue to work on my roof……and than I leave for UK where I will minister all weekend…on a conference..arranged by the Anglican Church..in the north of UK.

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