>I love this time of the year. Especially when sun is shining and temperature is rising to a pleasant 20c…I am on my way back to our summerhouse. Last week I worked very hard removing all the slate from the roof on our barn and we started to lay a new roof….The weekend I have spent in Germany. I started in Hanover on the Friday night where we had a powerful meeting. Things are starting to build there. After the meeting we…Thomas and a brother Isaac traveled directly down south…480 km to a city Speyer…it took 4 hrs with a Audi A6 3,o L TDI…..much horsepower in that one…rented at Sixt…In Speyer I ministered in a church Word of Faith. Saturday I had seminar 9:00-15:00 and a meeting in the evening. Today I ministered in the morning. We had a really good time. It was my first contact with them and people where really hungry for the Word. It was also great to at least 12 people recieve Jesus over the weekend.
Speyer is the oldest city in Germany and they have a massive Cathedral. It is a beautiful city and people there where very friendly and open. Most of the people that recieved Jesus as their Lord where younger people in their early 20:s. I love to see that. This week I will continue with my roof but tomorrow I will have to be in Jonkoping all day…need to rent out one of our apartments . On Friday I will leave for North England. I will minister in a Anglican Conference in a beautiful conference centre south of Newacstle somewhere. But now I will sleep cause I am a bit tired after and intense weekend….

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