>It was great to spend a few days in Sweden..together with Vivianne in our summerhouse.We always have a lot of projects so it has been busy days. Yesterday Magdalena and Deborah came down from Stockholm and with them beautiful weather!!! I was so blessed to spend some time with them as well. I love my family. I had to leave early this morning and right now I am on a train towards Arlanda airport. I am preaching in a conference in Wales/Bridgend this weekend.
I have good friends in Wales and it is always great to minister there.
Been following a debate in Sweden concerning an artist(Lars Wiiks) that have painted some pictures of Mohammad …as a dog…and now he is having death threats on his life. I guess he was looking for this…and attention. As a Christian and a freedom lover and fighter I need to defend the artists right to paint whatever he wants. Muslims that do not like that freedom of expression are very welcome to move to Iran or Jemen…there you will find your dream…Sweden is not the right place for you guys.

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