>On my way to Sweden on a train from Copenhagen. I have had a very busy week and I am a bit tired to be honest. I arrived late last night to Copenhagen from London and stayed over at an old friend of mine. We discussed life and God and had a good time. He is a powerful evangelist and is doing a great job. Not many peopl know about him cause he do not have time or resources to promote himself. I like that…a lot. I am amazed how many gifted Jesus loving ministers there are around this globe. Having a passion for God and the Gospel and refuse to give up the dream…to win this World for Jesus.Most of the time the best,most anointed, gifted are just ordinary guys just simply obeying what Jesus have called them to do.
I was in a trustee meeting yesterday at KF/Horham and the day before I preached there in Sunday morning service. Good meeting..I liked it..6 people saved and I believe and hope that Jesus was exalted. I will now soon meet my wife ….she is the best thing ever happened to me…seriously.
Friday I will leave again for Wales……

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