Just had a talk with a man of God working in Casablanca. Last Thursday Morocco expelled 10 foreign workers from Casablanca…christian workers. Seems to be a wave of persecution arising in North Africa. I loved the spirit of this brother…no fear but faith. Gave him a word that God told me to give. I believe he will be able to stay and to fulfill everything God have called him to do.
Yesterday I met an old friend from Madrid. He is doing a great work in Spain. Churches are being planted and many people are recieving the gospel in his nation. It was really encouraging to meet this man of God. I love to be in connection with pioneers. I will probably minister in Spain later this year…..and eventually in Morocco to…in the near future….
I was out running this morning…great time and I met some muslim women running in their muslim clothes..poor girls…..I am so blessed to be married with a christian beautiful swedish
Tomorrow morning I will minister in Kingdom Faith Horsham. Have had a great week with the students there.

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