Iam still in Horsham/Kingdom faith. I have teaching about “creating room/space” for the presence of God and how to recognice His presence. I enjoy my time together with the students. They are so hungry after God and I really believe that Gad have great plans for them. I also spended some time with Colin Urquart. He is a man of God that I really enjoy listening to. What I like the most is his passion for God and His desire to learn to know God more…even after all those years in ministry. He is a great example for us younger ministers.
I enjoy being here in UK. There is a freedom in the spirit here that is unique. Tomorrow there is general election here. I really hope we will get a new Prime minister. Gordon Brown is not a states man. I hope that the Conservatives and David Cameron will win and get enough majority so that we avoid a “hungparlament”. Important day tomorrow for UK.

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