I am on a train down to Kastrup airport. Have had a few days in Sweden.It has been really great.Now I am heading for a busy week in UK. I will minister at Kingdom Faith Bible college this week including Sunday morning service. I n between I will be meeting up with a few key leaders in north Africa. I am really having a passion to reach out with the Gospel to that area of the World.
My book(In His Majesty Service) is soon to be released in the french language and I believe that it will be a good tool to work with in North Africa. Hopefully I will get the time to write a new book with the start this summer. There are so many things that I have in my heart to communicate to this world.
This week I will talk about the life together with The Holy Spirit. I love to talk about that. I really believe it is important to learn to know Him and how He is operating in our lives and through our lives. I am looking forward to see what He will do among us at KF college.
Now I am about to leave Sweden and will soon enter Denmark…our trains here are really comfortable and very fast. I like that.

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