>I am in Fleet today and will leave early tomorrow morning. We have had a great weekend up in the north together with churches from Sheffield area. Really good time. I was just watching the news and heard BBC journalists reporting about the event that took place outside Gaza where Israeli soldiers boarded “peace ships” […]

>I am a preacher…have been that for many years by now. I have been ministering in 60+ nations so far…that is a lot. I love to preach the Word of God and I love to serve Jesus and I love to minister to people. Over the years we have seen multitudes come to know Jesus […]

>I love this time of the year. Especially when sun is shining and temperature is rising to a pleasant 20c…I am on my way back to our summerhouse. Last week I worked very hard removing all the slate from the roof on our barn and we started to lay a new roof….The weekend I have […]

>The last weeks I have been on the road a lot, visiting many different places. Everywhere I have been I have been in contact with members in the body of Christ…everone with different lifes,histories but one thing in common: a passion and love for Jesus. In Wales I learned to know a guy that used […]

>I arrived in Malmo early this morning after a delayed flight from London Gatwick to Copenhagen. I was scheduled to leave early yesterday morning but the “Ash Cloud”caused a cancellation of that flight……frustrating yes. Soon I will catch the train that will take me to our summerhouse. Vivianne is there and I miss her big […]

>It was great to spend a few days in Sweden..together with Vivianne in our summerhouse.We always have a lot of projects so it has been busy days. Yesterday Magdalena and Deborah came down from Stockholm and with them beautiful weather!!! I was so blessed to spend some time with them as well. I love my […]

>On my way to Sweden on a train from Copenhagen. I have had a very busy week and I am a bit tired to be honest. I arrived late last night to Copenhagen from London and stayed over at an old friend of mine. We discussed life and God and had a good time. He […]

>Just had a talk with a man of God working in Casablanca. Last Thursday Morocco expelled 10 foreign workers from Casablanca…christian workers. Seems to be a wave of persecution arising in North Africa. I loved the spirit of this brother…no fear but faith. Gave him a word that God told me to give. I believe […]

>Iam still in Horsham/Kingdom faith. I have teaching about “creating room/space” for the presence of God and how to recognice His presence. I enjoy my time together with the students. They are so hungry after God and I really believe that Gad have great plans for them. I also spended some time with Colin Urquart. […]

>I am on a train down to Kastrup airport. Have had a few days in Sweden.It has been really great.Now I am heading for a busy week in UK. I will minister at Kingdom Faith Bible college this week including Sunday morning service. I n between I will be meeting up with a few key […]