>It has been a strange week. I am really thankful that I have been in UK the last weeks..and not being stranded somewhere in the World. In the weekend I ministered in Highway Church/Marsh Gibbons. That church are good friends of ours and it is always a great joy to visit them. We had some good meetings together and many had encounters with God. I am so happy to see that..
On Thursday I will leave for a tour in Germany. I was scheduled to fly out from Southampton but Ihave now booked a ferry to Amsterdam and will catch train from there. This is like back in the 50:s …I guess. But everything is possible.
I will minister in Hanover,Kassel,Rinteln and another town that I do not remember the name of….
Someone asked me if I thought that God wanted to say something through the volcano-eruption…I said: God does not speak through the activity from the underworld…that sounds more like the devil to me. I guess he is frustrated and terrified cause he is loosing territory..bit by bit. and one day he will be thrown in to that lake of fire and spend eternity there…and you and I will spend eternity with Jesus!! Glorious future.

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